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Cyprus Weather Overview

Cyprus is located in the east of the Mediterranean, just south of Turkey, north of Egypt and southeast of Greece. Its location in the Med leads it to enjoy a fairly typical sunny Mediterranean climate; however, its proximity to southwest Asia makes it one of the hottest parts of the Mediterranean, especially in midsummer.

Mediterranean climates are characterised by long and dry summers and fairly mild, rainy winters.

Cyprus remains very sunny throughout the year. On average the number of daily hours of sunshine ranges from six in midwinter to twelve or thirteen in midsummer. The invariably clear skies that allow this also mean that rainfall is very low throughout the summer and it is highly likely that any trip you take during this season will see no interruption to the dry weather. Sea temperatures are exceptionally warm throughout summer, peaking in the high twenties, but are comparatively chilly from December until early May. However, even during the winter the lowest average is still in the high teens, as warm as it ever gets around the UK.

Summer is the most popular season for its endless heat and sun. If you are not a fan of high temperatures then it is best to visit Cyprus in the off season of spring when the weather is sunny and but not too hot and the island is in full bloom. Autumn is also an enjoyable time to visit, though the scorching summer results in the island drying out considerably, only returning to its green beauty after the winter rainfall.

           Rainfall                                                                     Temperature


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Things you must taste in Cyprus!

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