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Petreon - The name of this unique park is derived from the Greek word for ‘stone' (‘petra'), the material from which the site is built.

Petreon is the culmination of a dream and 14 000 hours of work.
It consists of a permanent open-air sculpture exhibition, the ‘Liasidion' amphitheatre, the ‘Archontariki' gallery where various art exhibitions are hosted, a private residence, mosaics and a small stone church.

The 8.5 meter tall sculpture of Petreos - the man that was born from stone - dominates the entire park.

Savvas Koulendros comes from the beautiful village of Lysi, now occupied in the North of Cyprus. He stumbled upon sculpting at the age of 50 and has converted something that began as a means of relaxation from daily routine into a real passion.

He draws inspiration from events that touch upon human emotions and that mirror the values and ideals of life. His themes stem from his own personal experiences, everyday life, the wisdom of our ancestors, and the mythology and history of Cyprus.


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