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Detoxification Program from cocaine

Treatment program from cocaine addiction

VERESIES CLINIC offers a treatment program for cocaine addiction. The program is offered both as an inpatient and outpatient program. It offers an intensive program of personal Psychological Rehabilitation as well as the treatment of co-morbidity, namely the existence of dependence accompanied by a mental disorder.

Cocaine, if not taken intravenously or intramuscularly, does not cause physical dependence, but only psychological dependence.  It can create intense psychological phenomena, for which the addict usually seeks help.

When a cocaine addict seeks help, often an initial interview is taken followed by the doctor’s proposal for the proper treatment.
Some treatments require the admission of the patient in the clinic for at least 5 days. Other treatments, however, can (partially) be performed at home.

The addict goes through several stages. During the first week he is likely to suffer from a mood disorder. This is followed by a period of about 10 weeks during which the addict becomes confident and feels that everything is under control and he may think that it is easy to keep away from cocaine.
Then follows a period during which the addict may show signs of a strongly depressed mood.  For example, the addict feels as if he is behind a glass wall and does not feel well.
In many cases the patient shows psychotic symptoms with behavioral disorders, which are reminiscent of schizophrenia.

These cases are relatively treated with pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Sometimes medications can be administered to cocaine users for systemic relief, but usually they have a short-term impact and they aim to reduce the problems associated with cocaine use, for example anxiety or sleep disorders.

In terms of psychotherapeutic intervention in cocaine dependence, behavioral approaches are relatively successfully applied, on the basis of a manual, focused on the problem of drugs.

Based on the principles of social learning, these interventions can help patients develop skills to deal with high-risk situations in which they may use addictive substances.

For patients with co-morbidity between mental illness and the use of drugs, case management, structured and sheltered housing and the use of multidisciplinary team can contribute to the success of the intervention.

However, there is a high likelihood of relapse in each transitional stage.





The use and abuse of n causes severe  and strong psychological dependence.
To avoid certain deprivation and psychiatric problems, the problem is often necessary to be dealt with pharmaceutical means.
The  continued abstinence from the use require the participation in a psychological support program.

The" Step by Step" program is a structured individual rehabilitation program based on rational-emotional-behavioural therapy. It can be applied at any stage of  cocaine usage.

The “Step by Step” program is applied on very regular individual meetings lasting half hour each (according to the needs of the patient) by a trained psychologist.
After the successful assimilation of the previous step, the program is applied gradually and step by step covers the following main aspects:

1. Recognition and acceptance of problem
2. The relation of the patient to substance dependence and dependent conduct.
3. The psychological condition of the patient - psychometric test.
4. Psychoeducation
5. The existence of motivation; searching for and enhancing motivation.
6. Changing attitudes and beliefs about the phenomenon of  using cocaine and other drugs.
7. Active participation / planning / changing behaviour associated with the use.
8. Demarcation of relations / place/ time.
9. Setting goals
10. The problem of use and the family of the patient / co-dependence / allies.
11. Preventing relapse

It is also suggested to addicts and their families to be involved in treatment programs at home as well as in group psychological rehabilitation programs.

Regular participation in self-help groups for 5-10 years after the therapeutic intervention is something that keeps the addict from relapse.

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(7 ДНЕЙ)


Кокаин не вызывает физической зависимости. Но психологическая зависимость очень сильна и возможны симптомы отмены, связанные со стороны психической сферы.

После анамнеза  определяем  стадию злоупотребления кокаина и тяжести возможных симптомов отмены. Запланированная терапия включает в себя:

1) Фармацевтическое вмешательство

2) Психотерапевтическая интервенция (Индивидуальная консультация, укрепление стимулов, мобилизация семейной системы).

Лечение в клинике VERESIES (без наличия возможных осложнений от других систем и органов человеческого организма), как правило, занимает 7 дней.

После лечения симптомов синдрома отмены от кокаина, употребляющий проходит важный этап процесса выздоровления, а именно реабилитацию и восстановление за пределами клиники.

Цель этого этапа состоит в снижении желания  употребления кокаина и предотвращение рецидивов.

Для предотвращения злоупотребления кокаина, клиника VERESIES обладает лицензированным разрешением  Антинаркологического Союзом Кипра для законного использования имплантата NALTREXONE.

При всëм усилии, предпринимаемым от зависимого лица воздерживающего от кокаина, очень важно привлекать и семейную поддержку.

Персонал клиники VERESIES  состоит из  Невролога-Психиатра, Невролога и команды психологов и других партнеров.

Языки общения: английский, русский, болгарский, немецкий, греческий.

Программа одобрена Антинаркологическим Союзом  Кипра.


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