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Karakuz Hunting Farm


It is situated in the Danube River Valley - in the hilly South Dobrudzha region and on the northern slopes of low mountains. "Karakuz" is 450 km from the capital Sofia and 130 km from Varna Airport. The hunting territory is 19 388 ha. A vast low hilly plain with a gentle northern slope occupies most of the area. The forests form complexes and massifs separated by cultivated lands. Turkey oak and lime are the dominant tree species, which determine the natural vegetation in the region.

The most important hunting species include: red deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, jackal, fox, wildcat, geese, ducks, pheasants, pigeons and quail. Trophies of red deer, roe deer and wildcat have won national and international fame for "Karakuz". The world red deer trophy record of 273.6 СІС points has been recorded here in 1988.

Besides attractive hunting opportunities, the hunting enterprise offers its guests visits to some natural landmarks, as well as trips to the biosphere reserve "Srebarna", which is included in the UNESCO list, and excursions to the protected area near Malak Preslavets village. It also provides tours on eco-routes, visits to historical sites, such as "Dorostol" fortress, the stronghold nearby the town of Isperih, as well as to the ethnographic museum in the town of Isperih.

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