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MSc Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour




The Programme

In today's competitive world, companies have come to recognize that their employees are their most valuable asset. Their profitability and competitiveness depends critically on the skills, knowledge and motivation of their employees. Given this fact, the human resource (HR) management function - which is responsible for recruiting, training, appraising, compensating, and motivating these employees - has assumed a bigger and more significant role in the firm and its strategy. Students attending this programme will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage the HR function and, thus, help make companies and organisations more efficient and competitive.


The programme aims to prepare and train business professionals who aspire to become HR leaders in their organisations. It will help them acquire the role of a strategic partner in leading, managing and developing the human assets of the organisation. In addition, the degree programme aims to provide an integrative framework within which the numerous organisational behaviour issues and variables can be situated and conceptualised.


to develop a good working knowledge and understanding of the main activities involved in the HR function
to develop the ability to make and carry out decisions as a HR leader
to develop a range of skills associated with HRM
to enhance the understanding of principles, policies and practices relating to HRM
to develop skills in using HRM tools in an imaginative, problem-solving manner

Learning Outcomes

the technical skills required in HRM
the ability to use data and apply analytical skills and a critical approach in solving HR management problems and making informed decisions
the ability to assess themselves and to motivate others
the skills to organise people and exercise leadership in team settings and in culturally diverse environments
the ability to exercise judgement and conduct business with ethical conduct and social responsibility towards others and the natural environment