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MSc Educational Leadership & Management


In Cyprus, the region, and around the world, there is a growing emphasis on education. The resources devoted to educational institutions and their staffing is one of the major growth areas of any modern economy. Effective management of schools and other educational institutions is critical to the achievement of their mission and their contribution to national culture and development. The demand is growing for trained, professional leaders and managers that possess both the educational and managerial skills required to manage schools at all levels for superior performance.


CIIM'S Educational Leadership Programme Earns SEKAP Accreditation

The Cyprus Council OF Educational Evaluation - Accreditation (SEKAP) has awarded accreditation to the MSc in Educational Leadership & Management Programme of the CIIM Business School. This is a postgraduate programme specifically designed for professionals in all levels of education, from kindergarten to university, who have, (or aspire to get), managerial and leadership positions in educational institutions. It is also suitable for senior civil servants in education departments and for educational entrepreneurs.



The aim of CIIM's MSc in Educational Leadership and Management is to train leaders and managers in education, who are able to accomplish the mission of their respective institutions for superior performance in the highly competitive and rapidly advancing 21st century.



In common with other CIIM programmes, the faculty teaching the MSc in Educational Leadership & Management includes distinguished professors from leading universities.



The exciting structure of this programme is based on a mixture of lectures, case studies, field visits, group presentations and business simulations. The primary objectives of the programme are to equip participants with effective teaching and classroom management skills, and with the ability to present, evaluate and interpret managerial data. It is also designed to improve communication skills and awareness of ethical issues related to leadership in education.

The highly flexible and very convenient modular system employed by CIIM enables students to enroll in a programme at a number of times during the year, to study at their own pace and according to their work and family obligations.