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MSc Management


A postgraduate degree has become a required qualification for jobs that university graduates would find appealing and rewarding. A Master degree in management is a qualification highly valued by those who want to pursue a career in management and by their prospective employers, who are increasingly looking for qualified managers with the analytical and technical skills necessary to manage people, projects, operations, finances and entire enterprises. The CIIM MSc in Management is a postgraduate programme specifically designed for recent university graduates, in any field, in the early stage of their professional development who wish to pursue management careers in business, the professions, the government, or the non-profit sector, or simply to further their studies in a world-class programme.


The MSc in Management, through both academic and action learning, aims to provide its participants with the knowledge and the practical skills they need to manage a team, a small or medium size enterprise, a department of a larger company, a non-profit organization, a bank branch or a unit in the public sector or to start up their own business or professional practice office.

Who is the Programme Designed for

The MSc in Management is designed for recent university graduates who:

are looking for a postgraduate programme to further their studies or to prepare them for a successful executive career in business, government, or the non-profit sector
wish to re-orient their career since their chosen field of study is saturated
wish to sharpen their skills to raise their productivity and accelerate their career advancement
are preparing to manage the family business or plan to start their own business
want to establish their own professional practice (such as engineers, architects, lawyers, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, accountants, and other professionals)